2) Testimonials


Wha others say

“The simplicity   of the SFI system has helped me to develop a six- figure income coming right   out of college. With its great team leaders on your side and simple   automation, you can build a successful home-based business in no time at   all!”
C. Fuchs
“This is the   best money-making opportunity I’ve seen, bar none. I have been involved in   the network marketing and direct-sales business for 25 years, but none can   compete with SFI.”
D. Scruggs
“Being new, I   joined several programs. Having retired, I had the time to devote to each.   The ONLY one that produced a commission in the first month was SFI. The ONLY   one that gave me daily reports was SFI. The ONLY one I kept was SFI. Now I’ll   devote my energy to SFI.”
H. Schmidhofer
“I have been in   several network marketing companies, but never have I seen a system this   impressive that does so much so quickly!”
P. Dunaway
“I have been   involved in network marketing for over 20 years. I have never seen anything   like SFI. If I had only known about SFI beforehand, I would have not wasted   my time. Now, I am spreading the word to the whole world that there is   nothing anywhere that can come close to SFI. ”
R. Belmonte
“Bravo, SFI!   I’m a success-conscious Nigerian who is now an instant leader and on my way   to financial independence after embracing SFI marketing and its   residual-income earning program. SFI possesses awesome, well-organized, and   managed structure that produces the best ever imagined fortune for a   committed affiliate in record time. ”
K. Sarumi
“After three   and a half years online I have found the most professional and best-run   opportunity with SFI. The teamwork and support are the best around. My future   is now in my hands–and it looks good!”
J. Chessher
“The SFI   program works! I cannot recommend any other affiliate program more   strongly.”
P. Bates
“SFI is truly   different from all other Internet money-making opportunities out there. SFI’s   products and customer service are unmatched. After just five months with SFI,   I am well on my way to quitting my day job. Thank-you SFI for changing my   life!”
K. Johnston
“I am very   fortunate in finding a company like SFI to get myself on the road to   financial freedom. There are so many [opportunities] out there claiming the   same and delivering nothing but disappointments. SFI is very easy and I do   not have to invest a lot of my hard-earned money or take time away from my   family. I love the idea of doing all of my business on the Internet.”
B. Huser
“Thank you for   this amazing program. Within a weekend, my team increased with 50 new people   joining. Every time I logged on there was a new affiliate. Absolutely   amazing. ”
S. Horvath
“Before I   became an SFI affiliate, I investigated several Internet opportunities. SFI   is the only one I found to be completely honest and credible. Thank you   SFI!”
G. Ferguson
“The SFI   program really has changed our lives. I’m looking forward to my early   retirement in the new millennium.”
W. Davis-Dill
“SFI is one the   most outstanding affiliate programs on the Internet.”
M. Caskey
“I have had   good experience with various online companies, but SFI is far better, with   good products. I love SFI. I have already received two checks and am waiting   for the third one to arrive. I highly recommend that everyone joins SFI for   financial and time freedom. Thanks SFI!”
S. AzeemAhmed
“WOW, this   program is the one that delivers everything they say and more!”
S. Beveridge
“SFI is the   best network-marketing program I have ever seen. It has real   results…fast!!!”
M. Liu
“I spent almost   a year looking for the right opportunity. Then, I found out about SFI. My   search was over. SFI had everything I was looking for–quality products, training,   a support system, and a genuine opportunity. Thanks to SFI, I have achieved   one of my major life goals: to own my own business.”
J. Trotsky
“This business   has been a joy! I get paid for playing on the Internet and helping others to   do the same! I am now stepping into new streams of income and it’s pretty   cool! I don’t know how to thank you, SFI! ”
D. Tirado
“I’ve been   involved in online marketing for nearly three years, and I’ve NEVER seen such   a well-managed and honest company that allows ME to succeed so easily. Thanks   a million!”
M. DelleChiaie
“Nothing I have   tried so far has jump-started my business like the SFI Affiliate program. I   know that with this program we will all SUCCEED! I am verrrrry excited   !!”
B.G. Paul
“I have just   started SFI, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. This week, I have had almost 60   people sign up and generated five sales. Just sign up at SFI. It is the best   [opportunity] I have seen on the Internet.”
J. Pelt
“SFI is the   ultimate home-based business. In the nine months that I’ve been involved with   SFI not only have I earned a residual income but I have also expanded my   knowledge base by leaps and bounds. The training and camaraderie is   outstanding! P.S. Keep sending me those commission notification emails; They   really make my day!”
T. Grote
“I am very glad   I joined SFI. The system really works!!!”
S. Heuane
“SFI is the   most lucrative opportunity of a lifetime. In just a few days, I was seeing   returns. I am fast approaching the goals that were taking me literally years   to accomplish.”
R. Bryant
“You guys are   turning me into a real believer, and that’s no easy task! I am extremely   excited and look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with SFI.”
D. Legere
“I have been   involved in many different programs over the years. But I never experienced   the growth or commission potential that SFI offers. I have been advancing and   seeing a profit since DAY ONE!!! In short, SFI is the BEST and ONLY program   to belong to.”
V. Shyver
“I joined SFI   in September! This is the most well-established business I have ever been   involved with. I am totally commited to SFI! To anyone desiring a online home   business, this is the No. 1 opportunity to be involved with! Great support,   benefits and, did I mention, FREE!”
S. Whitlock
“I must admit   that I was a skeptic in the beginning, but I’ve now discovered the power of   the SFI System. This company has the goods. I am on the way to making my new   SFI Business a full-time venture. Don’t miss the boat folks!”
W. Douglas
“Finally, a   program that works. Thank you for letting me be a part of the most powerful   marketing network on the Internet.”
P. Martin

“SFI works. I   didn’t think I could do anything like this, but I took the chance and have   proven myself wrong.”
K. Watson-Chivers

“I have been   seriously marketing Internet opportunities for a few months now. In that   time, I have researched dozens of companies. SFI is simply the most powerful   and productive!”
R. Louch
“No other   company is comparable to SFI. It’s easy to implement and is affordable. They   have the resources and products necessary to build a very profitable   home-based business.”
L. Hathorn
“I’ve involved   myself with several online businesses, and SFI is by far the best of all. I   don’t think anyone could go wrong with the superior training and support that   SFI freely offers to their affiliates. And the products are great too.”
R. Riney
“SFI ROCKS!! I   just started and got a look at the SFI Website and was amazed. SFI, you   rule!!!”
K. Allyn
“Gery Carson   [SFI founder] is the best in his field that I’ve ever seen. Don’t give it a   second thought about signing-up for SFI. The program does ALL that it   promises and more.”
A. Hinkley
“I’ve been in   network marketing for a very long time and thought I had seen it all. SFI is   the most incredible and absolutely best system I have ever seen to become   financially free while helping other people do the same”
M. Drummer
“I am proud to   call myself an SFI affiliate…They changed my life. I went from living   paycheck to paycheck to owning my own business. Now, I don’t have to worry   about my future anymore. Thanks to SFI.”
S. Mitchell
“I am so HAPPY   I found SFI! I’ve tried every program out there. SFI is the only one that has   given me what I was looking for. SFI delivers. If you’re looking for a way to   create residual income for your family, DO IT TODAY! SFI is fun and the most   cost effective home- based business out there. They do what they say they   will do.”
D. Smith
“I had been   watching SFI for quite some time. My only regret is that I didn’t jump into   this program much sooner! I highly suggest if you’re looking to join a very   reputable company, SFI is the one to get involved with for the long term.   ”
M. Shaw
“This, by far,   has to be the best Internet business on the Web to- date. It definitely has   no equal.”
R. Collins
“I am not the   type of person to fall into every get-rich quick scheme that comes my way. I   take time and research an oranization before rushing headlong into something.   I have been extremly impressed with SFI and even more impressed with the the   opportunities that are presented. For once, I have found a creditable   organization that is going to help me reach my goals and have the future that   I only dreamed possible. ”
D. Romero
“Being burned   badly in the past I researched SFI very carefully. I scrutinized it pretty   thoroughly, looking for anything that would give me license to call it   “just another scheme.” What I found was the most well-put-together   affiliate program I have ever seen. No program is perfect, but this one’s   darn close.”
B. Barner
“Having been   around the industry a number of years, I could see in SFI what I did not see   in most other opportunities…I now own a business that reaches every corner   of the globe.”
The Fortune Builders   Network
“I am   constantly amazed at the power of SFI. This is truly exciting, and the best   part is that it’s FREE to sign up. I’ve been in other programs and lost money   in most of them. I’m now devoting all my ability to this outstanding   program.”
R. Wright
“I have tried   so many different programs and opportunities, I was just about convinced that   nothing would work. I am so glad to finally have found something that really   works. ”
C. Warman

Testimonial :

“I am a retired Banker and an Online Marketer. I have my own STORE where I work part-time at home with a team of 10 and supply over 110,000 products from different countries worldwide. I am so excited of being a part of SFI business with affiliates who work as a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) helping each other for success. I recommend and endorse SFI as a genuine business that will make affiliates financially independent if they just follow the 3 simple steps in doing the SFI business”. –  R.P. Gerochi,  Toronto, Ontario – Canada

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